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Levels Nighclub is located at 1246 East Santa Clara Street in the heart of Downtown San Jose. We are located in between Santa Clara St and San Fernando St. across from The Improv and next to Tres Gringos Cabo Cantina.

Monday: Closed for Private & Corporate Events
Tuesday: 9PM-2AM
Wednesday: Closed for Private & Corporate Events
Thursday: 9PM-2AM
Friday-Saturday: 7PM-2AM
Sunday: Closed for Private & Corporate Events

Dress code is upscale casual attire. We do not permit: baggy or oversized clothing, tattoos on or above the neck, no sports or athletic jerseys (exceptions can be made for local sports teams on game day), No plain white T’s or undershirts.

Email visit before 8pm the day of the event you would like to attend. Guest list free before 11PM through our main line.

We accept reservations for parties of 6 or more. Email with the date, time, and number of guests, call 800.454.4521 during business hours.

Please visit for VIP Bottle Service Accommodations. For any further questions, please email

Contact our Event Coordinator

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Levels Lounge is a multi-venue complex situated in the center of downtown San Jose at 1246 East Santa Clara Street. 


CALL: (408) 333-5958

Venue Location

1246 E Santa Clara
San Jose Ca 95116

Levels Operating Hours

© LEVELS - 2020 All Rights Reserved

© LEVELS - 2020 All Rights Reserved

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Bachelorette, birthday or any occasion event. Party like a pro and get the VIP treatment with Levels Nightclub Bottle Service. We make sure you get the best table reservation possible, hassle free entry and star treatment start to finish. So treat yourself today and make a reservation.

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